Published by Alisha McKerron on 2 October 2018

Hi, I am Alisha, a freelance Solicitor, Certified Information Privacy Professional/ Europe (CIPP/E), former magistrate and occasional blogger, who works at deskof.

deskof‘s mission is to assist businesses in becoming privacy compliant.  My vision is to see UK public’s confidence increase in organisations that process personal data and those which are responsible for making information available. The right balance needs to be struck between promoting business and protecting data subjects rights. My goal is to build up as much expertise as I can in this area so as to be able to deliver practical and sound advice.

Here are a few articles I have written:

How does mobile in-app advertising contribute to our web profile and how can we guard against it?

What else makes it possible for us to have a web activity profile and how can we guard against it?

What makes it possible for us to have a web activity profile and how can we guard against it?

International transfers-what will be the effect of a no deal brexit

Cross-border transfers what should companies be doing pending the judgement of Schrems II

When is a Data Processing Contract Required?

A GDPR Journey: Where To Start and What To Do Next

What Impact have Search Engines had on an Individual’s Reputation and does the “new” Right to be Forgotten Assist in any way?

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There are many useful articles published on the internet about GDPR and other related topics. From time to time I shall provide a brief summary of the articles I have found interesting with a link. Here is my first:

GDPR And The Relationship Between Clients Contractors Temporary Workers Recruiters And Umbrella Companies